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Thickness Measurement Unit

Model Number = PRO-UTS-240

Product Details

Thickness Measurement Equipment are used to detect flaws, pinholes etc at various industries such as metalworking, iron and steel industry, chemical industry.

This instrument accurately inspects cracks and pinholes at workplace without any destruction. It is very important instrument for non-destructive inspection industry.

This Ultrasonic Flaw Detector works by using ultrasonic waves. These waves propagates in a job and detect the defect based on acoustic characteristic demonstration.

Features are as follow

  • 1) UTS-260 has 14 Standards of DAC.
  • 2) Alarm indication and two gates setting
  • 3) Automated echo degree, angles and K-value.
  • 4) 6dB DAC functions
  • 5) With high contrast viewing, it is easy to read from all angles.