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Ultrasonic Defect Detector

Model Number = PRO-UTS-280

Product Details

High frequency sound waves helps, detect the echo pattern generated from flaws which are recorded by this instrument. Ultrasonic tester provides great flexibility and performance in the field of non destructive flaw detection.

This instrument covers all the level from weld inspection, corrosion detection to high application environment such as automotive and aerospace. This Ultrasonic flaw detector increase working flexibility by reducing downtime, as this instrument is field upgradeable.

Features are as follow

  • 1) Available with USB port, this pc is easy to communicate.
  • 2) It has automated peak hold, gain and peak memory
  • 3) Available with acoustic optical alarm, DAC alarm and Gate
  • 4) Freeze Display
  • 5) Screen Saver with doormacy
  • 6) Clock Calendar
  • 7) Pc software that helps export report in excel format.