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Ultrasonic Tester

Model Number = PRO-UTS-250

Product Details

Ultrasonic Defect Detector is a non-destructive flaw detector that measures cracks and pinholes with ultrasonic waves. For quality controlling and defect inspection this instrument can be used in any field.

These testing instruments are widely used in industries where structural metals and welds are used. Different range of software are used for enhanced flaw detector inspection.

Features of this instrument are as follow

  • 1) Very low noise and high speed capture.
  • 2) AWS, AVG, TCG, DAC
  • 3) Housing with metal material
  • 4) Available PC software that export report to excel.
  • 5) Available K-value and angles
  • 6) Facility to embed software onine.
  • 7) 6dB DAC functions