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Ultrasonic Testing Unit

Model Number = PRO-UTS-260

Product Details

We provide wide range of Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, which inspect, diagnose and locate different defect that includes pinhole, crack inclusion etc. This instrument is used in chemical industries, manufacturing industry, iron and steel industry etc.

This Ultrasonic Testing Unit has measurement features that helps detect the size and location of hidden cracks. It is also used in lab and field. Industries such as aerospace, boiler pressure vessels and railway transportation consider this instrument very essential.

Features of this instrument are as follow

  • 1) 500 A graph Big Memory
  • 2) Three staff gauge
  • 3) Automated peak hold and memory, echo degree and gain.
  • 4) Easy PC communication and USB port.
  • 5) Acoustic Optical, gate and DAC alarm.
  • 6) Li Battery with 10 hours working time.
  • 7) Calendar with electronic clock
  • 8) System parameters with lock and unlock function.
  • 9) Calculation of flaw size automatic.