Advanced Gauge K6-C

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Advanced Gauge K6-C

Advanced Gauge K6-C

Product Description :

K6-C Multifunctional Coating Thickness Gauge


Thickness measurement of:

galvanic (zinc, chromium, nickel, cadmium, silver, tin and other) coatings on steel products;

galvanic (zinc, chromium, nickel, cadmium, silver, tin and other) coatings on products from non-ferrous metals;

paint, lacquer, enamel, powder, mastic and other dielectric coatings on steel products;

anodic oxide, phosphate and other dielectric coatings on ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

special dielectric and metallic thick coatings, plated coatings;

coatings on the internal surfaces of pipes and cylindrical products;

copper foils on printed circuit boards;

sheets of conductive non-ferrous materials and galvanic coatings on products from dielectric materials;

two layers coatings;

protective layer of concrete and determination of steel reinforcement position in concrete;

wall thickness of large products from fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced plastics during manufacture and delivery with one side and two sides access;

Measurement of groove depth and evaluation of surface roughness after sand blasting or grit blasting; Control of climatic conditions (air humidity, air and metal surface temperature, dew point temperature and determination of TΔ parameter).


TFT colour display with 2.4” diagonal and a built-in Li-Ion battery;

shockproof ergonomic body with rubberized corners;

keyboard with functional keys that change their purpose depending on the mode of operation of the device and user-friendly and intuitive interface;

additional modes and device settings;

extended set of wear-resistant ergonomic small-sized transducers;

support for transducers with several calibration characteristics (up to 6 for PH3 series probes, up to 4 for NF-G probes, up to 2 F-G probes).

Basic technical characteristics

the range of thickness control: 0.5 µm…120 mm (depends on connected transducer);

number of transducers: unlimited (according to customer’s choice);

temperature range:for device: -10…+40 °C (-30 ° C for frost-resistant version), for transducers: -40…+50 °C (up to +350 °C for high temperature transducers);

calibration methods: additive one-point, two-point, one-point with automatic multiplicative correction;

power supply: built-in Li-Ion battery in 3.7-4.2 V, 1500-1700 mAh;

continuous operation time: min. 12 hours;

connectivity with PC: USB 2.0 channel;

overall dimensions: 60 × 125 × 25 mm;

weight of electronic unit: 120 g;

charging time: 4 h.

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