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Leeb Hardness Tester

Leeb Hardness Tester

Product Description :

High precision hardness tester TKM‑359CE intended for quick measuring of metal items in laboratorial, manufacturing and field conditions.

Device is intended for non-destructive testing of production quality in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, aircraft, shipbuilding, atomic industry, oil and gas industry.

Hardness tester functions by Leeb method.

TKM-359CE Controls Hardness of Following:

All basic types of metals and alloys without additional calibrations (structural, tool, corrosion-proof, heat-proof, non-corrosive steels and alloys as well as alloys of nonferrous metals, castiron, aluminium, bronze, brass);

Items with surface hardening and high frequency current hardening;

Items of complicated configuration;

Heavy and big items with rough surface.

Exploitation Advantages

Wide range of controlled metals and alloys.

Low sensitivity to the curvative and roughness of surface.

Monitoring of hardness change along the surface.

Stable measurements independent from force and time of pressing the probe to the surface.

Possibility of material identification in blank production.

Control of “volumetric” hardness.

Features of TKM-359CE:

Impact-, dust- and water- proof housing;

Intuitive graphic interface;

Bright color graphic display allows working at below zero temperature and stays bright at any lighting;

Signalization of exceeding of prescribed readings threshold;

Unique system of statistic data processing and averaging of readings;

Fast adjustment of readings and programming of additional calibrations to basic scales by 2 or less standard blocks;

Flexible device memory for recording of readings and their analysis;

Programming of additional scales calibrations of hardness tester by 2 or less standard test blocks;

Fast programming of additional scales by 2 to 10 standard test blocks.

Probes characteristics

Probe Type Length, mm Diameter, mm Application
«D» 138 21 Solving the bulk of control problems
«E» 138 21
Probe with indenter made of polycrystalline of boron nitride intended for control
of materials with high hardness


«G» 200 29 Control of items with high structural heterogeneity and roughness Ra from 3.2

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