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Automatic Coating Thickness Gauge

Automatic Coating Thickness Gauge

Product Description

With enriched market experience, we have been able to offer a wide spectrum of Automatic Coating Thickness Gauge.

UCT6800 Coating Thickness Gauge Main Features:

Two types of coating thickness including magnetic measurement principle and the principle of eddy-current principle, available to measure the thickness of the coating on non-magnetic in the magnetic metal and thickness of the non-conductive layer covering the non-magnetic metal

High precision mode Automatically multiple measurements and data filtering method to reduce the disturbance of the measurement results

Temperature compensation compensate for distortion caused by the measurement of temperature drift.

Probe type automatic recognition

Main Technical Parameters:

Sensor type F N

Principle Introduction magnetic Eddy current

Measuring range (µm) 0~1700 0~1700 covered copper plate with chromium (0~40)

Minimum resolution (µm) 0.1 0.1

One calibration point (um) ±(2% H+1) ±(2% H+1)

Two puntos de calibration (µm) ±[(1~2)%H+1] ±[(1~2)%H+1]

minimum radius

Of curvature(mm) Bulge 1.5 Bulge 3

Minimum diameter (mm) Φ7 Φ5

Critical thickness of the base (mm) 0.5 0.3

Major operating parameters:

    Two patterns of measurement: Design and pattern continuing one

    Two patterns of work: Direct pattern and design group

    Five statistics: Mean value , maximum value, minimum value, measuring times and the standard deviation

    Calibration methods of calibration Zero point calibration and two points available to calibrate the meter can be calibrated system error of the probe using the basic calibration method

    Capable of 500 sets of measurement values: Saving function

    Elimination of function: You can delete one of the questionable data and you can also delete all the data in memory to prepare for a new measurement

    Alarm limit settings: If one of the measurement data is off limits

    Function show coupling state

    Function LED backlight, which is effective even when the light is dim

    Adjustable LCD Contrast

    Show the real-time battery

    The buzzer will prompt to make the measurement and can also disable the buzzer

    Variable waiting time, and will shut down if the weather is over

    The function of error message: Error message is displayed on the LCD or the buzzer an error message screen

    Two methods of feeding: Manual and automatic

    Additional Information :

    Item Code PRO-UR-CT-UCT6800

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